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Ubiquiti UniFi Protect - Simply Scalable Video Security


The Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and Video Camera Surveillance systems are dynamic for varied applications, such as fixed smaller spaces and larger areas like warehouses where camera dexterity is paramount.

Ubiquiti's camera lineup is versatile, offering Bullet, Dome, Compact, Specialised, and Doorbell models. These cameras cater to a wide range of surveillance needs.

Cameras in this range are easy to operate and manage with UniFi Protect video software and some models feature up to 4K video resolution, as well as the benefit of day and night surveillance with their infrared LEDs and automatic IR cut filter.

UniFi Protect is a highly scalable, feature-rich, end-to-end hardware and software platform. Expand your surveillance network with hundreds of indoor/outdoor video cameras across multiple locations.

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